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Aries March April 19 You feel rebellious today. You will take umbrage if someone else tries to tell you what to do. You feel impulsive! The underlying current of energy that you experience today will cause you to want to make a break for freedom. Taurus April May 20 You will be restless today — no question. You might be indecisive about what to do next but you feel you must act. Be patient dealing with authority figures. Do not lash out at them or be lippy. Fortunately, this is not your style. Be calm and collected and think before you respond to others.

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Gemini May June 20 Because you are excitable and impulsive today, you might say or do something you later regret. In particular, be conscious of what you do in group situations whether this is dealing with group sports or your interaction with a club or an organization.

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Think before you speak. Cancer June July 22 Be careful talking to authority figures today — the police, bosses, parents and teachers — because you feel rebellious! Take a step back and survey the situation. Who wants to end up with egg on their face?

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Not you. Therefore, be polite and be smart. Get real. Leo July Aug. People are impulsive and brash today.

They are also slightly angry and rebellious. Forget it. Virgo Aug. This transformation might not be immediate. Take someone's criticism with grace. Tonight: Choose a favourite stress buster. Make an effort to stretch your mind, not only to grasp where others are coming from, but also to find unique solutions and ideas. Your efforts please others.

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A new friend or a child could be manipulative. Think carefully before responding. Tonight: Making the most of the night. One-on-one relating could bring on a commitment that you might not have been looking for. You might not be ready for a domestic commitment. Try to be more careful with your romantic chatter. Clarify the issue this time.

Tonight: With a favourite person. Others seek you out. Perhaps several just want to say hello, but the majority of people have an agenda.

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Listen carefully and be clear about whether you can go along with their wishes. Be flattered rather than aggravated. Tonight: To make a point, you might need to change your verbal style. You can deal with only so much work and so many people at one time. You might be great at multi-tasking, but not to this extent!

Evaluate a financial matter carefully. If need be, find someone with more expertise on the topic than you have. Tonight: Silence the ringer on your phone.

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  5. Your creativity will save the day. You glide through an awkward moment as a result. You might be pursuing a serious topic and goal, yet you manage to stay light. Ask for feedback or brainstorm with someone in the know. You can therefore be sure that your advances will not be rebuffed, and that your romantic wishes will be granted.

    Look back to the past for the answers to the present. There seems little question that you are going through a restless phase, and you may be looking to other people to satisfy your need for variety. However, partners could be looking to you for support — which might make life complicated! Astrology is all about choices, and right now you must decide between a course of blatant self-interest and a path of self-sacrifice and service to others. You see, although compromise is not always your strong point, it is necessary.

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    As the Sun moves towards another encounter with Mars over the coming two weeks, you will approach a break with the past, possibly severing one particular involvement.